Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free Side scrolling game Kroniax

Kroniax is a challenging skill game develop by Alexander Weinrauch. this game is still in beta, this game is a side scroller game with main objectives is to steer a ship through the level without touching any walls at all, to steer the ship up you can press the space bar button. This game also come with map editor, so every players can create their own custom map. This game also have some game modes:
  • The arcade mode. If you get through a level you will unlock another map (currently there are 9levels). In this mode the speed and gravitation are variable but controlled by the map itself.
  • Speed challenge mode, there you can control the speed by yourself by using the arrow keys (right and left). When you complete a Level you can upload your time into a online high scor e! In the speed challenge mode you cant unlock new levels you have to unlock them by using the arcade mode !
  • Custom map. You can create you own maps and play them.
to Download this game you can click this link Kroniax Download